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Solution for a Safer and
More Productive Workplace

We provide Drug and Alcohol Testing; along with Occupational Health Services to Individuals & Employers.

  • We offer compliance assistance designed to ensure adherence to sector-specific regulations, fostering a safer work environment and minimizing legal risks.

  • We provide health and wellness screenings that focus on wholistic well-being to enhance productivity and morale within the workforce.

  • We provide custom interventions, addressing the unique challenges and goals of each organization, coupled with educational insights to empower informed decision-making.

  • Our focus on preventative care aims to reduce healthcare costs and mitigate chronic disease risks, while our initiatives cultivate a positive, compliant work culture, enhancing employee retention and satisfaction through early assessment.

How We Can Help You

Our Four Easy Steps

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Why Choose Us?

We offer more than just standard wellness initiatives. Our programs delve deep into the unique challenges and goals of your organization, promoting holistic well-being and minimizing legal risks. We champion a seamless integration of wellness and compliance, ensuring that your employees thrive in a safe, healthy, and productive environment.


With HD Screening and Laboratory, you're not merely investing in a service; you're investing in the future of your workplace. Choose us to elevate your company’s well-being, foster compliance, and empower your employees to thrive in a positive, drug-free, and wellness-focused environment.

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