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Health and Wellness Lab Work

Empowering Wellness, Perfecting  Health: Your Lab Work Partner!

What You Need To Know

Health and Wellness Lab Work pertains to the various laboratory tests and screenings conducted to assess an individual’s health status and detect any potential medical conditions or diseases early on. It plays a crucial role in maintaining the well-being and productivity of the workforce while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Health and Wellness Lab Work assesses the health status of employees, helping in the early detection and management of disease, and promoting overall wellness. Some sectors, like transportation, have mandatory health screenings to ensure employee fitness and compliance with industry regulations, reducing legal and safety risks.


When Should You Undergo Health and Wellness Lab Work

You can have lab work done as often as needed, depending on whether your Primary Care Physician (PCP) orders blood tests or you would like to gauge your own health.

Whether you're looking to get your health back on track or just want to feel better, Health and Wellness Lab Work is for you. We can help you achieve your goals by getting to the root of the problem. Our lab tests are fast, efficient and affordable—and they give you the information you need to make smart decisions about your health. No doctor's order needed.

Our Services:

  • Routine Blood Work

  • Hormone Testing

  • Infectious Disease Screening

  • Diabetic and Metabolic Tests

  • Cardiac and Cholesterol Monitoring

  • Digestive Health

  • Kidney and Liver Function Tests

  • Cancer Screenings

  • DNA Testing

  • Gender Reveal

  • Functional Medicine Labs 

Our Advantages

  • We accommodate a wide array of laboratory tests and procedures catering to diverse medical needs

  • We accept a wide range of insurance providers by doctor’s order.

  • Employing the latest lab technology ensures precise and rapid results.

  • We provide a tailored health profile analysis, ensuring you understand their health metrics.

  • We offer mobile laboratory services where you can avail tests at the comfort of your home or office. 

  • We provide competitive pricing. 

  • Ensuring all medical data and test results are treated with utmost privacy.

  • Quick processing times.

  • Preventative focus that are designed to catch potential health issues early, leading to better outcomes and proactive healthcare

  • We provide regular updates and resources ensuring you’re informed about your health

  • Smooth testing process with our flexible options and efficient customer service.


And that's not all! In addition to the major lab tests mentioned above, we offer a wide range of tests to cater to your specific health needs. If you require a lab test that is not listed, simply click the button below to book an appointment and specify the specific lab test you need. Our team will ensure that your testing requirements are met.

How It Works

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Choose a service that you need under POCT.

Book an appointment through our booking form.

Receive a quick call from us to confirm your booking details.

Complete payment online after an invoice is sent to your email. 

Fill out and submit required documents before the test. 

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Receive result 

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