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Drug-free Workplace Policy

Your goal is a safe workplace, our job is to make it happen

What You Need To Know

A drug-free workplace is one in which both employees and supervisors adhere to standards that prohibit drug and alcohol usage on the job. It is critical to specify the exact consequences of violating the policy with a positive test or a refusal to test in the program. Maintaining a good drug-free workplace program can help your business thrive and allow your employees to enjoy better health and safety. 

Reasons Why It Protects Your Company 

  • Safer Workplace

  • Productivity will go up

  • Higher-Quality Employees

  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance Incentives

  • Less Medical Costs

Essential Elements for an Effective Drug-Free Workplace Policy 

  • Purpose statement

  • Who is covered by the policy

  • Information about assistance

  • Rules and expectations

  • Testing applications and procedures

  • Consequences of program violation

Policy vs Program 

The policy provides information to help employers develop a drug-free workplace, but a complete drug and alcohol workplace program has everything it needs for the drug-free workplace to be successful and sustainable. From the start of hiring an employee until during employment. 

Not only does it help keep the workplace safe and comply with federal regulations, it also helps businesses to be eligible for insurance discounts, rebates and other incentives. 

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