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Point-of-Care Lab 

Convenient Collection through our Point-of-Care Lab 

What You Need To Know

These days, many medical laboratory tests can be performed outside the laboratory by Qualified and Licensed Medical Professionals other than Laboratory Technologists. These tests produce results at a faster rate than before, so they're known as point-of-care tests (POCTs). At HD Screening and Laboratory, we understand the importance of fast and accurate results for lab tests that require timely results. That's why we offer point-of-care testing which produces results in minutes to: 

Optimize patient care and improve customer service

Allow employers to make fast and informed hiring or return-to-work decisions 

Helps individuals to skip long lines in clinic or hospitals

Our POCT Services Include:

  • COVID-19 Rapid and PCR Testing

  • Flu Testing   

  • Pregnancy Testing

  • Biometric Screenings

How It Works

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Choose a service that you need under POCT.

Book an appointment through our booking form.

Receive a quick call from us to confirm your booking details.

Complete payment online after an invoice is sent to your email. 

Fill out and submit required documents before the test. 

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Receive result 

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