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Background Check

Protecting Your Business and Your Employees

What You Need To Know

Many industries do background checks on potential employees before they are officially offered a position. Using background checks throughout the hiring process can help to safeguard the organization from negative publicity, secure the company's assets, and make current employees feel safe and comfortable at work.


If you are a hiring manager, recruiter, small business owner or head of a human resources department, our background check services will help you hire the best employees. 

Reasons Why Background Checks Protects Your Company

Maintain and Improve Workforce Quality

Ensure Employee and Customer Safety

Avoid Expensive Rehiring

Ensure good quality hire resulting in less employee turnover.

Comply with government and insurer requirements

Integrity and Ethical Standards

Background Checks We Do

Obtain Motor Vehicle Record (MVR)

MVRs, also known as driving background checks or MVR screens, search a persons’ driving record and history as reported from a state Department of Motor Vehicles or similar government entity which issues driver licenses. The record includes driver’s license status and class, violations, suspensions, restrictions, and other information related to driving records and credentials.

Education Verification

Education verification is the process of verifying a candidate's certifications or educational claims. It verifies academic credentials obtained from universities, high schools, colleges, and GED equivalency tests. Degree verification allows you to identify any discrepancies before hiring a candidate. It ensures that your candidate has the academic credentials required to be successful in their field.

Employment Verification

Previous employment history is an important consideration in someone's ability to perform before hiring. 


Third-party employment verification, such as HD Screening and Laboratory, helps organizations to recruit candidates faster without having to worry about a candidate’s false credentials. Hiring managers must ensure that candidates have the necessary skills and experience for the job.


A survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) found that 92 percent of surveyed employers conduct employment background screening. The report also showed that while most respondents conducted checks during the hiring process, others did so throughout the employment life cycle.

Save hours of administrative work by allowing HD Screening and Laboratory to conduct background checks on your company’s behalf.

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