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HD Screening & Laboratory

Welcome to HD Screening and Laboratory, where we commit a high degree of detail when collecting and processing your specimens in partnership with SAMHSA-certified laboratories. We take pride in keeping in compliance with HIPAA regulations, therefore you can assure confidentiality is maintained throughout the process and handled with care.


We guarantee accurate and timely service with trained medical professionals in DOT and Non-DOT regulations. 

Natasha Jones, Operations Manager, BSN, BHSc, RN

HD Screening and Laboratory was started by a Certified Emergency prepared Registered Nurse, who wanted to bridge the gap between diagnostic collection to a timely diagnosis. Natasha received her Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences with a focus in Health and Wellness Coaching and another Bachelor’s degree with a focus in Nursing. Moreover, Natasha has been actively working in a professional medical role for over 10 years. Furthermore, as a current worker on the front lines in this pandemic; Natasha and HD Screening and Laboratory understands the criticality of receiving results in a timely manner.

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